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The IMPACT of lack of sleep on your BRAIN

Did you know that lack of sleep can effect your mental health? Lack of sleep can cause elevated levels of anxiety because your body hasn’t had the adequate amount of time to do a vital thing, rest and recover itself.

Research has shown that not getting an adequate amount of sleep can effect the way your brain processes memories. When your brain is running on low rest, memories that were meant to be stored in the long term database instead get stored into the short term database. Which results in forgetfulness/memory problems.

Your brains ability to adapt to changes (cognitive adaptability) also gets impacted. Blunting of feedback and rigidity of thought takes over instead, resulting in difficulty with learning new things and performing optimally.

Some researchers are also looking into the link between lack of sleep and dementia however the study still has yet to link it as a direct cause.

Actions you can take to improve your sleep

Talking with your doctor about developing better sleep practices can help improve your sleep and also rule out other potential health problems that could be masked as a sleep disturbance. Limiting consumption of caffeine and alcohol can cause sleep improvements as well. Better hygienic sleep practices can help improve your rest & restore processes within your brain & body.

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