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All Positives Possible (APP) is a 501c(3) non-profit grassroots community-based organization. We are based in Richmond CA., serving the Bay Area, including Sacramento and surrounding communities. All Positives Possible was created in 2009 to assist low-income communities’ of color efforts to confront the growing environmental health, environmental injustice, economic crisis and especially the social injustices, helping combat the negative effects on human health, particularly on low-income and disenfranchised underserved communities of color. Additionally, we provide outreach, educational, trainings, organizing, advocacy and mentoring support to affected communities and underserved populations of color. Our mission is to promote positive community and environmental health, environmental and social involvement, and in developing strategies such as second chance and positive change to protect our environment and health locally and worldwide. We especially promote non-violent action, organizing, and advocacy as a means of community empowerment designed to bring about positive changes and second chance opportunities in our communities for those who have been incarcerated but pose no threat to society. We work to ensure that impacted communities and underserved populations of color have a voice and participate in processes where any actions, policies or decision affecting their health and quality of life are affected, so that they too are a part of rebuilding their communities.

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