Recent research has shown that Black children in segregated/ low income communities are at high risk for led poisoning in school.

According to the CDC exposure to lead can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth, and development, along with behavioral, learning, hearing, and speech problems. Prevent Children’s Exposure to Lead

For children there is no “safe” level of exposure to lead. A study has found that nearly 26,000 Black school children with increased blood lead levels living in low income communities scored lower than other race groups on the SAT test.

The lack of funding in/ for Black communities has had devastating health effects on the community for years. This remains a perverse issue.

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It has been estimated that by 2053 millions of Americans could be facing extremely hot temperatures due to climate change. A heat belt to be exact

A heat belt is defined as the temperature on the National Heat Index categorized as  “extreme danger”.  That means temperatures of 125 degrees Fahrenheit and above!

By 2023 8.1 million U.S. residents will be effected by these scorching temperatures.

In just 3 decades it’s been estimated that 107.6 million people will have to endure the heat belt.

Experts are alarmed at the number of days the heat will persist.

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Polar ice sheets have began melting since the last ice age era. This action caused surface pressure to decrease in effect Earth increased the rate at which it spins.

Earth’s rotation speed around it’s axis determines how long a day is. That speed has been increasing over the past few decades. These events are responsible for the decrease in time. So now that old saying “time is flying” has come to be true. Days were in fact getting shorter.

June 29, 2022 hit a record of the shortest day in approximately half a century (50 years).

Although it’s important to note that it rarely takes 86,400 seconds (24hrs) exactly for Earth to rotate completely.

Since then time has surprisingly switched to slowing down. A few things that effects the Earth’s rotation is natural disasters such as earthquakes and the fricative effect of tides led by the moon. Every century these events cause days to become longer.

This will effect a wide range of our critical technology sources as, a lot of our technology is effected by time.

Scientists are still left to speculate at what exactly causes time to speed up and/or slow down as there are many possible factors.