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Magenta Minds

Magenta Minds is a project created by All Positives Possible to support the mental and physical healing of historically disadvantaged, descendants of slavery who continue to carry the burdens of injustice. 

Image by Dominik Scythe

Native Black Americans & Freedman

This was a project created by All Positives Possible to trace and educate on the ancestry of Native Black Americans and Freedman. 

Herb Plants

Drinking & Tap Water Testing

This project addresses concerns of drinking and tap water quality in historically disadvantaged  high risk long term exposed neighborhoods. We looked to address health concerns of the public as well as toxins and contaminants that may be present due to water quality issues. We conducted water sampling/testing, community engagement/education and connected community with responsible parties. 

Water Drops

Safer Consumer Products/ Hair Relaxer

This project identified safer personal care products and current product usage of African American communities. 

Hair Comb

Identifying Vapor Intrusion

Identifying Vapor Intrusion is an AB617 community project created to address  indoor air pollution. We are doing this by conducting fact finding, organizing, and education to residents in disadvantage communities on Vapor Intrusion and to mitigate the potential health effects from it. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Fish Quality/Subsistence Fishing

All Positives Possible participated in fish quality and subsistenence fishing projects to address concerns of fish quality. We addressed these concerns by conducting surveys, mappings, and identifying subsistence and recreationals fishing habits. 

Hands Holding Fish

Food Safety & Food Deserts

This project addresses the lack of access to fresh food within a quarter mile of homes. It also addresses food deserts and their impacts on disadvantaged communities. 

Food Packaging
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