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Climate change is causing sea levels to rise in the Bay Area at an alarming rate for vulnerable, disproportionately underserved communities. Sea level rise can cause increased flooding which has shown time and time again to have deathly consequences for underserved communities.

There are rising concerns about flood waters mixing with toxins and seeping into the infrastructure, in effect posing human health hazards to high risk populations. Some even describe it as a “sacrifice zone” where the vulnerable population (Black historically disadvantaged low income communities) are being strategically placed in these high flood risk areas (danger zones).

A study showed that the US Department of housing & Urban development targeted the distribution of housing in high risk areas to low income communities.

The blatant lack of disaster prevention efforts is hard to ignore. By definition this is an act of weaponization against Black underprivileged communities. There is a major deficit in environmental equity in regards to predominantly Black low income neighborhoods.

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You may use it on a daily basis and never have known that you potentially are putting yourself & your loved ones in your home in harms way.

In the recent years there has been increasing concerns about the dangers of gas stoves in homes.

As a result of burning natural gas at high temperatures, gas stoves create Nitrogen Dioxide - an invisible by product that is harmful to humans. Researchers have found that gas stoves increase the risk of harmful emissions in the environment posing a human health hazard.

Even while your stove is turned off (unburned gas) you're at risk for potential leaks, exposing you to benzene which is a known carcinogen (cancer causing substance).

Researchers found that children with gas stoves in their home were 20% more likely to develop respiratory illnesses. People who had gas stoves in their homes were found to be at greater risk for asthma, lung disease, and increased mortality.

Resources To Help

There are alternative stove options/resources available (see below)

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There is a cause for concern regarding expecting

mothers of African American descent. Black women are a whopping 3+ times more likely to die during pregnancy/childbirth than their white counterparts.

Blood pressure disorders (preeclampsia & eclampsia) and heart failure were one of the leading causes of maternal mortality (DEATH) for Black women. Also not too far behind was severe bleeding or blood vessel blockage as further causes of death for expectant Black mothers.

In regards to ectopic pregnancy white & hispanic women were at a much lower risk of mortality than Black women. Ectopic pregnancy was the 5th leading cause of death for Black pregnant mothers.

It is clear that the medical system needs urgent reform. It is with urgency that the issue of racial disparities within the medical system be brought to a resolve so that actual preventative measures can be set into place to help combat the alarming death toll numbers for Black women bearing children.

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