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Can your mental health be effected by the seasons changing?

Seasons can effect your mental health. It’s called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is defined as a type of anxiety/depression that starts late fall and persists through the winter. In fact a study has shown that all mental illnesses worsen in the winter. 64% of people report worsening mental health issues at the onset of seasonal changes.

Air also plays a roll. The state of air molecules tightening in the winter make it more difficult to breathe normally. Contributing to feelings of claustrophobia in anxiety sufferers. Also triggering panic attacks. In effect increasing anxiety sufferers sensitivities.

A list of symptoms include heart and circulation irregularities, disorder in sleep, fatigue, lack of concentration, phantom and rheumatic pain, just to name a few.

Some things to help combat these symptoms are regular exercise, exercise releases endorphins which helps provide that feel good feeling and increases your energy. Also increasing social interactions. Even FaceTiming someone close to you can help alleviate symptoms especially with the distance caused by the pandemic.

Being proactive about your mental health during the change of seasons is crucial to helping you cope better.

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