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Food critic abandons Bay Area food tour stating environmental crisis

TikTok star food critic Keith Lee abandoned his food tour in the Bay Area  after stating the Bay Areas homeless crisis and lack of food safety (which put him in the hospital) made the area unfit for tourism.

He also goes to state that people in the area are in survival mode. This brings attention to the environmental crisis that is inescapable in the Bay Area. The cost of living in the Bay is inordinately high forcing people to have to be homeless or  live with other people.

Even though the cost of living is high the quality of living is deficient. From toxic-rotten smells in SanFrancisco to filthy trash accompanied by copious pot holes in the streets, the Bay has been neglected by government officials and it can no longer be ignored.

When will the higher ups step in and do what they are being funded to do?

Hopefully what Keith Lee said will promote attention to the intrusive environmental crisis that high risk low income predominately Black disadvantaged communities are facing in the Bay Area.

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