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Fungus Among Us? Potentially Deadly Uptick in Valley Fever Fungus cases in California

Valley fever is an environmental disease which increases the public’s risk during high wind gust and soil disturbance.

According to recent research California has seen an increase in the spread of a fungus that causes debilitating valley fever due to climate change.

It reveals itself as an infection of the lungs. Symptoms mimic COVID-19 and the flu and if left untreated or under diagnosed it can reach the blood stream and body.

Since underserved communities often lack access to adequate health care this poses the question of the severity of the risk/effect this increase will have on vulnerable low income communities in California. In 2015 a study was done by UC Davis that showed people in low income communities were more likely to die from valley fever.

It is imperative for additional data to be collected to assess why low income communities are at higher risk.

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