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How inflation is contributing to the homeless population in the Bay Area

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Research has found that rent prices for single family homes has swelled to an average of $2,495 a month for the first half of this year (2022). A WHOPPING 13.4% in comparison to housing prices in the prior year (2021).

36% Of people have even been forced to sift out money from their savings just to get by according to cnbc.

It is one of the primary causes of homelessness for Bay Area residents. Imagine being at peace in your home one minute and out in the cold-dark streets barely surviving the next. That is the reality for several low income residents of SanFrancisco and the overall Bay Area as housing prices continue to skyrocket.

SF board of supervisors have agreed to formulate a plan to tackle the crisis. By creating a policy to (allegedly) provide permanent housing to all of their homeless population. HOWEVER they still have yet to approve any new money and pushed off the plan to a later date. Leaving lives to-just-wait…

Allowing people to be deprived of housing is by definition inhumane. The need is now rent is now. Something has to be done NOW not later.

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