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Potential DANGER in your kitchen - Gas Stoves & How It Can Effect Your Health

You may use it on a daily basis and never have known that you potentially are putting yourself & your loved ones in your home in harms way.

In the recent years there has been increasing concerns about the dangers of gas stoves in homes.

As a result of burning natural gas at high temperatures, gas stoves create Nitrogen Dioxide - an invisible by product that is harmful to humans. Researchers have found that gas stoves increase the risk of harmful emissions in the environment posing a human health hazard.

Even while your stove is turned off (unburned gas) you're at risk for potential leaks, exposing you to benzene which is a known carcinogen (cancer causing substance).

Researchers found that children with gas stoves in their home were 20% more likely to develop respiratory illnesses. People who had gas stoves in their homes were found to be at greater risk for asthma, lung disease, and increased mortality.

Resources To Help

There are alternative stove options/resources available (see below)

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