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Poverty can Effect Brain Development new study finds.

According to new study findings by the American Journal of Psychiatry, Black children living in poverty are at an increased risk for brain developmental issues. Trauma & stress were showed to be key symptoms.

Harvard University researchers performed MRI scans on 7,350 white and 1,786 Black children and there were still a greater number of mental health issues for Black children outweighing those of white children.

Systemic racism & financial hardships were found to be the route causes of mental illness for Black children.

A deficit of gray matter was found in their brains, those stressors were found to be the contributing factors. Prolonged exposure to adverse experiences can lead to immune and metabolic disruptions.

PTSD, depression,anxiety, and suicide attempts were common mental health issues that were found to effect the Black community far beyond those of non black backgrounds.

We must place emphasis on the need to tackle the major issue of systemic structural racism that plagued historically disadvantaged Black communities.

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