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Twitter Attempts to Silence Community Voices while allowing Anti Blackness on its platform

Since Elon Musks ownership of X the app formerly known as Twitter anti blackness on the platform has soared. According to a study done in 2022 anti black comments have been made more than 26 thousand times.

Elon musk himself has even went as far as to mock efforts against anti black racism by posting himself laughing at the woke movement which was created in an effort to combat racism and inequities within vulnerabley disadvantaged communities. Followed by him restoring accounts that encouraged hate against Black people specifically.

Furthermore Twitter has a habit of banning Black accounts who speak out against racism quicker than non Black accounts who spew hate regularly.

Some even speculate that twitters algorithm and policies have an embedded bias.

The censorship of Black activist accounts remains a pressing issue, equity is a must across all platforms on and offline.

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