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What’s happening to our attention spans?

Are our attentions spans increasing or decreasing? According to a study done by Microsoft our attention spans have decreased by 8 seconds. This is a 25% decline in the past few years.

Our overconsumption of technology is the culprit. We are connected to an influx of internet information just at our fingertips. Our phones can be detrimental to our sense of well being and productivity. It has been noted as a distraction to work and also causing feelings of inadequacy and impulsive spending.

People are using their phones for escapism. To escape environmental stresses, only to end up with more stress from always being “in the loop”.  A fifth of people claim technology to be the source of their stress. According to a study done by the American Psychological association. Some also report the physical toll it takes, which includes elevated blood pressure (hypertension), neck pain, and wrinkles.

Over the recent years there has been an influx of content. This is called content shock where there’s so much content and information that it becomes unattainable for the consumption of it all.

Some are considering doing a detox from technology for the purpose of self care by cutting off notifications or deleting apps, or only picking up the phone for a couple of hours a day. These practices would potentially help curb the decline in attention spans.

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