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What Is Environmental Justice?

Environmental justice can be defined as fair treatment in relation to environmental laws and regulations regardless of race, color, national origin etc. 

Unfortunately, not all humans receive environmental justice in their communities which is why All Positives Possible was created. Most communities of color actually suffer from environmental injustices in their communities which can be seen through unfair treatment in laws and regulations in their environment such as unclear air and water. Air and water is often times more polluted than non-communities of color simply because the laws and regulations in these communities are extremely lenient in what hazards they allow in these communities

How Has All Positives Possible participated in Achieving Environmental Justice?

All Positives Possible has participated in helping fight environmental injustices in Northern California for many years. This included fighting an LNG Plant that was placed in a primarily black neighborhood, successfully stopping a cement plant from being placed in a primarily Black neighborhood, and even helping fight against young women being forced to play basketball on toxic soil. 

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