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Depression is NOT a chemical imbalance caused by the brain new study finds

Contrary to the idea pushed by certain pharmaceutical companies a recent study has found that depression is not a chemical imbalance.

In fact half of the population who suffers from depression report not seeing positive results after taking antidepressant medication. They also experienced negative side effects and a lack of improvement of the quality of their life.

Findings of FDA trials revealed an inflated publication bias of the efficiency of anti depressant drugs. Meaning that some pharmaceutical drug companies have exaggerated how well their product actually works.

There is inconsistency in evidence to prove that serotonin imbalance causes depression even after an extensive review. In effect invalidating that hypothesis.

Rather, traumatic life events have been linked to depression. This implies an environmental cause rather than a chemical imbalance.

In conclusion treating depression is not a one size fits all issue.

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