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FLASH FLOODING in the Bay, What you Need to know

The Bay Area has been hit with a series of flash flooding events and the area is currently under flood watch.

Moderate to heavy rainfall events have been the cause of these flash floods that have hit across the Bay. The National Weather Service has reported multiple flood advisories for the area.

California is being hit with both flood & drought emergencies

Two extremes on the opposite end of the weather spectrum.

Mega Flooding

Some experts warn/predict that in 40 years California may be hit with a mega flood that has the potential to cost a whopping 1 trillion dollars in damages to fix.

Climate Change

The cause of it? Climate change. Climate change increases the amount of rain water being held and released out into the air. Climate change has doubled the chances of California being hit with a mega flood. Some scientists describe the severity of the potential mega flood as something no one in existence has ever experienced.

Many California cities which house millions of residents are built on top of ancient flood deposits. Which place residents at an increased risk. That is a whopping 39 million residents in the potential path of a mega flood.

What you need to know

Avoiding flooded roads and taking heed to all safety advisories is crucial to staying safe during extreme weather events.

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